How I missed my flight and recovered it successfully ?

missed flight

Last fall, early November, at dawn, 5AM. Typical gloomy morning in Europe but The Sun seemed to shine a bit through clouds soon. Feeling half awake and half sleepy. Got a cup of coffee to get rid of tiredness during the ride, although I don’t like even smell of it, It helps me stay rejuvenated.

Headed to Frankfurt by Flix bus from the nearest small town, Heidelberg. After an hour, finally arrived in Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station).

 9 hour layover in Germany’s Manhattan.

As soon as I arrived, the first thing I did was to approach the Security Officer and ask for the way how I could easily get to the airport and how many airports are in the city to make sure the information I collected was correct. The answer was quite positive: “15 minutes distance by train and there is one airport only.” Perfect! I am not that spiritual person, nevertheless it seems I somehow felt inside that something bad was about to happen.

The plane takes off at 3:05PM. Having a 9 hour long layover in Frankfurt Am Main. Sounds awesome, Right ?!

I was actually doing fine all things considered. Got so excited that I had a chance to visit ”must see places” during a short period of time. Perhaps, it was not a good decision, I will explain why.

Despite the fact, there were a plent of spots to see,  I managed my time to get on board for Airport.

They say: ”You’re not going to make it!”

Had a direct flight to Marrakech, Morocco. Arriving the Airport, faced a bit challenge on finding the Information Desk, that is why I ended up asking a German couple sitting at the restaurant. When I showed them my boarding pass, they began to speak in German with each other, based on my basic German skills, and observing their body language I realized, that something was wrong. And here is the first bad news, I was told: “You are AT THE WRONG airport, your plane departs from the old Frankfurt Hahn Airport.”

map_germany_location_frankfurt_hahn_airportI firstly thought quite optimistic, the airport that I was supposed to have my flight is most likely nearby. I run to the Information desk to ask on time schedule for available buses and here is the second bad news: ”Express shuttle bus takes  around 1 hour and half  to reach. The next bus will leave in 10 minutes in front of Second terminal, we are at the terminal first, it takes you 3 to 5 minutes to get there by train. You ARE NOT going to make it!” Just imagine, everybody says: YOU MISSED!

Taxi costs about 200 hundred Euros which was way expensive than the flight ticket I purchased. Anyways, in fact I would have reached the airport after gates get closed.

Bearing the fact in mind, that sometimes websites are not being updated, I did not give up and insist on going to another terminal to check it physically. Hitting people on their bags and shoulders, with a glimmer of hope I run with nearly 30 kg luggage consisting of 3 pieces with low-back pain to make it to the Terminal 2nd FRA Exit E9. I did checked. The bus was gone. Yes! You got it right! I missed it! What an offensive feeling!

This is the first time, I miss my flight. Shit happens! The question is what do you do when you miss your flight and how do you react. Here below are the things you need to take into consideration.

1 – Control yourself. Do not panic. I controlled my emotions by saying to myself that’s what happens. Calm down. Sometimes you plan it in advance, you put your best efforts but at the end, it doesn’t turn out to be as you wished, which is pretty realistic.

2 – Do your best. Think positively. All you need to know is never ever give up on what you are doing, always give it a try. That’s what I did. No matter, what happened ultimately, at least I tried to catch my plane, and I am so glad about that. Otherwise, I would have the feeling of regret, because of not trying. I HATE regrets. To avoid that, you gotta go and do it!

3 – Check your boarding pass in details. Google your flight information on the internet. Not all Airlines are responsible enough to warn you about some helpful tips. Check flight details at an airport’s official website. Most importantly, pay well attention to what is written as an abbreviation stating a name of an airport on a boarding pass, such as ‘FRA HHN’ in my case which means Frankfurt Hahn. That’s exactly what I needed to think about first. Otherwise, I wouldn’t miss it. As illustrated in the picture posted below:


– If an airport is huge, Get there 3 hours prior to your flight. The bigger an airport is, and the longer time It takes to find a registration desk, checking in, getting through customs, security check and figuring out where gates are.

5 – Find out the next flights of the same or different airlines, compare them at prices and get a new boarding pass. Afterwards, I asked Airport counters about possibilties of same day flights to Marrakech, and the cheapest one on the system was 170 euros along with luggage allowance. Direct flight conducted by Air Arabia. From my personal background, I knew that mostly it is cheaper if you directly book through official website of an Airlines. This way I booked the same one at 78 Euros on the official website.

6 – Go to an airport lounge, or a restaurant where you can have food, drinks. Time to relax with a cup of tea!

– You have a risk to fall asleep, while waiting after such a stressful, and tired issue. If you travel alone, to be on the safe side, make sure to make an alarm on your phone,  while waiting untill the boarding starts.

8 – Keep an eye on your flight, follow the information boards or screens to make sure this does not happen again.

Happy & Safe Travels to me and to all passengers! 🙂



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