Adventurous train ride through Morocco, in North Africa

Everything started with the idea of attending Climate Change Conference organized by UNFCCC in Morocco. In my previous blog, you were aware of real scenario that I missed my flight on my way to Marrakech. However, this one happened when I was about to go back to Europe.

Follow your dreams

Even way before back in my home country, I said you know what, since I am gonna visit Morocco, why not to see Fes which is a small historical town in the North East. The famous Brazilian TV Series of “The Clone” that I have been exposed to as a young teenager at a time always made me conscious about seeing this place in real where the actual film was made. That was the main inspiration source why I booked my return flight from there.
In fact, what have been planned was to reach there until it was afternoon, so I could explore a bit of the city and to stay there for a night. No online bookings are usually possible what a pity and that day, there was only one train reaching there over midnight.


November 14th, 7 pm, Marrakech Central Station.

I had to take a train to Fes with 7 hours of duration. Had a flight on 15th at 11 am from Fès Saïs Airport to Madrid.

On the same day of my departure, everyone knowing that I will be taking a train and arriving in Fes by myself over midnight has warned me to be careful, as It is not that safe. What happens sometimes is that while sleeping in a cabin, somebody can easily steal your belongings and get off on a next station. The 2nd bad news is besides City Airport Taxis, the rest are not recommendable to take in terms of safety reasons.

All that I was said turned out to give me a sense of real challenging adventure that I possibly would be in. I said to myself, “Look, Arshad, as an adventure lover, is this something you have ever thought to face with ?’’

Anyways, got on board and guess what I did first ?! Got a cup of coffee to stay awake and to be conscious about what was going on around. Again my savior, even I don’t like it though.

Compassion. Humanity never dies.

As a sociable person, happy that wherever I travel, I always feel free to approach locals if I need anything to ask. Riding in the train cabin, to my delight, I noticed that I was sitting next to a lady at about 40’s speaking pretty good English. Gathering up my courage, I turned to her and asked on how I could safely and easily go to Fes Airport from the Train Station. She hesitated for a moment and told me exactly the same things about safety and helpful tips on which taxi, I gotta have. She was going home, Morocco’s chief port, Casablanca which comes before Fes. After asking me about my flight details, she even offered me to stay in her house in Casablanca for a night and to take an early morning train to Fes.

Frankly speaking, I was so much positively surprised and grateful to hear that from a stranger away from home, although I didn’t accept it. Such a great human being. She has even passed me her email address and asked me to write her when I reach the Airport. This made me feel 2 things at once – overwhelmed first, thinking on how great and kind people there are on Earth thankfully, as well as I thought the situation I was in is that serious, she even requested me to email her about my arrival.
Right after this kind lady got off in Casablanca, a young man probably at my age approached me asking if I am the one who was travelling to Fes. It seems she asked nearly every passenger on her way out if anyone goes near Fes and might be a good help to me later on.
He was not going directly to Fes either but on purposes he skipped his station in Meknes and helped me with everything.

Last stop. Fes. 02:25 a.m.

Long story short, as soon as we arrived in Fes, he even assisted me with my luggage and spoke to a taxi driver himself in French. He told me not to speak a single word in English, that the driver shouldn’t understand that I am not local.
On our way to the Airport, the driver turned to the right into a dark secluded place and stopped driving for a moment and then barely drove back to the same highway. Seeing the airport signs on the road, I realized that I was soon reaching the destination.

Let me share with you, guys, what I have learnt from this experience:

1 – Always search about the safety issues, before going.
2 – Make sure to organize everything in advance, such as your transport, accommodation.
3 – It’s better to arrive during the daytime, instead of when it is dark, especially if you are traveling by yourself.
4 – Pay attention to your belongings, never leave them alone.
5 – Do not panic and never lose self-control.

Never ever hesitate to visit Morocco, as it is a really beautiful, magical place that will leave great impressions upon you. And it definitely feels like a different world.

Stay safe! 🙂

Until next time,


P.S. This is what I have taken from the airport terminal in the following morning:


Overview of the city of Fes:




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