Flying an airplane for the first time

If you have read previous blog of mine, you would probably know an unexpected story of us in a group reaching Island of Juist, Germany. However, this one happened, the day before we left the Island.

Woke up early morning for breakfast, came to the main canteen of Jubi Juist where we were staying at. Usually, I would have my breakfast together with other participants, however, this time, having seen my mentor, lovely Miriam, wanted to have a seat at the table with her and discuss about a final workshop we were supposed to organize.

Miracles happen

All of a sudden, a man at around 50’s approached our table and that is how we got to know each other. He was the owner of the Jubi Juist Education Academy and former pilot of Lufthansa Airlines. Asking me where I come from and what my plans are after the project was a good reason to keep the whole conversation going.
I had to visit two more cities, after the project comes to an end, Amsterdam for the first time ever and UN conference for the second time after Marrakech, but this time in Bonn.
As he noticed my passion for travel, to my great delight, I was offered a tour over the Island on his plane and as well as teaching some small techniques on how to fly an aircraft practically. I said: “Can’t believe that, seriously!? ” Imagine you are half awake and half sleepy with droopy eyes, having your breakfast and suddenly you get offered such a brilliant experience by a stranger. Wouldn’t you happy and excited!? Certainly, you would! I immediately said “YES” to it!
According to what he said, we were supposed to have two passengers on board and land in the nearest town close to Dutch borders. That’s exactly how we started!

Dreams come true, ONLY when you believe

Always dreamt of flying an airplane so badly. However, never thought, I could experience it that early at my 20’s. Finally, got on board, this time not as a passenger at the back, but on the very first seat in a pilot cabin. Before take-off I felt so excited and nervous, that I also would be the one who operates the plane. What a responsible role position! Nearly got goosebumps, as I was chasing my lifelong dream into the sky.

The scariest moment is always just before you start. ©
Before we took off, I was introduced to some of technical stuff and given first instructions on what I should do in a specific situation needed. Engines starts working, belt is fastened, headset is on, ready to fly!

First take-off! We couldn’t see the runway in front of us anymore – only the sky.

Glancing down out my window, I saw how far we got apart from the ground.We climbed to five hundred feet and then I realized I was on top of the world.

This is how the cockpit instruments looked like:

Frankly speaking, next to having fun, there were scary moments too. When we were half on our way to land, he took his hands off turn indicator, and told me that only I should go further now. My heart pounded. But I did it! I barely turned the indicator and head onto the right. My first turn! Yaaay! What a challenging, responsible moment! A bit of wrong manoeuvre, nothing works out safe.
You keep going and pleasing energy fills your soul as you become better at it.

First landing! As runway was super close to a small lake, we had to fly over it. I was afraid of landing on the lake mistakenly. Having said that, I carefully pushed the throttle all the way in and landed successfuly.

To say I was excited would have been an understatement. Fueled by adrenaline, I was the happiest man in the world.

Geographical outline of Lower Saxony & Surroundings

Throughout the tour, the places I saw and stories I heard have taken me to the deepest level of Euphoria, that I will pretty much remember.
Lots of little islands are located on that area, in one of them, there is only one inhabitant, old man living all by himself in the one and only house on the island. Might sound akward and pessimistic, but true. He has dedicated all his life to caring about environment, nature of the Island. How beautiful it is! Thank you, God for these incredible people on Earth!
Hereunder is the Island he is living in:

Take a look at another smallest Island I have ever seen:

One more place which got me interested, was automotive manufacturing company of world-famous german brand, Volkswagen. That was the zone where they were produced and exported to the world.
Shots from above with thousands of cars look incredible:

When flying it, the first thing that sticks out in your mind is how much control you have. Knowing that I am also in control of this craft that allows me to do so, is magical and liberating.

The most important key factor required to operate an aircraft is confidence. That is crucial, especially when it comes to emergency situations.

Thank YOU, Mr. Jörg Bohn!

Such an interesting and overwhelming day to remember.

Very much appreciate this awesome opportunity that will last forever. Hoping to meet you, Sir, in the near future!

P.S. Overview of the Island of Juist:

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