The Science of Happiness – Insights out of My Journey


A 3 day workshop on the Science of Happiness led by American Professor, Ms. Emiliana Simon Thomas that I have attended recently inspired and brought me into sitting down and re-thinking about ways on how to experience happiness. Those 7 factors listed below are both my insights out of this amazing workshop and things that have always worked in my favour and lifted me up as a person. Let me share them with you.

1. Sound Health is Everything

What are the key elements ? 

Good sleep, healthy food, exercising, overall being in charge of your health are the key factors.
On average, eight hour of sleep a night is considered to be enough to really have a positive energy and mood throughout the day.
When it comes to food used, a truly good saying closes the deal: „ You’re what you’re eating.“ Imagine your body as a plastic bag, as it takes the shape of what you place in it, our body also innerly looks like exactly the same form of whatever it is we keep feeding it. It’s been 7 years, since I started eating healthy, seasoned, and organic and trust me, it always had a positive impact on how I felt on a daily basis.
No matter if you’re somewhere you don’t want to be or in the most beautiful place on Earth, if you are not healthy, everything else around will turn out to taste like dust.
You can’t enjoy the life, unless being physically and mentally balanced.

2. What is your Purpose & Vision ?

If you haven’t come up with one yet, then would be nice to re-think about finding yours. Something to drive you and keep you motivated.
Writing a letter to your future-self in 5 years and designing your vision board is such a super powerful tool to get your goals, plans to be written down on a piece of paper, that you could go back regularly to take a look, every time you feel down.
Surely It all should be in an alignment with your personal choices, priorities and values.

3. Compassion, Generosity & Sense of Belonging

In order to be fulfilled and happy, you gotta help others also achieve it. One can’t exist without another.
Compassion – feeling moved to help another person who suffers is something that contributes to happiness in multiple ways. When we’re compassionate towards another person, we recognise suffering better, we’re more willing to help them, take care of ourselves and make choices that serve our happiness.
According to Buddhism traditions, here’s what Karma says – As the world turns, whatever we do towards another person, later or sooner it’s gonna be coming back to us. Good or Bad. Bearing this in mind, the more you approach others on a generous way, and better you experience happiness.

I definitely consider myself a People Person, for this reason, relations with people mean the world to me. Once, at the coffee shop that I tend to visit, when I ordered a cup of tea, Barista made it complimentary, saying with a big satisfaction on his face: „Please accept it, that’s what we do sometimes for our lovely guests.“ Next to great customer experience, a simple but a well-thought generous gesture have made my day and as because I got content, later on delivered that positive mood to my family members, and maybe back to him, when the next day I saw him, who knows. Like a chain.

Studies show that, the ones belonging to special groups or communities experienced more happiness than those, separating themselves from people around.
In this sense, family, community and sense of belonging matter the most, because everyone feels the urge to share what they’re up to, good or bad.
Additionally, what if we achieve success we day-dreamed about by far and have nobody to share our happiness with ?

4. Who is a HAPPY person ?

Being happy ain’t only about smiling all the time, but experiencing all kind of emotions. That’s what makes us a human being.
No matter what your gender is, it is absolutely okay to show your feelings.
As in most other countries, also in Azerbaijan, where I originally come from, parents including moms, right from giving a birth to a boy, till they’ve grown up, through upbringing or in case for instance he stumbles and cries, he’s most likely told: „Do not cry, men should not cry.“ For this reason, this leads to future consequences with health, therefore, perhaps average year of life for men doesn’t seem to reach 70’s even.
Not controlling but regulating your emotions at any professional environment, and in personal life would just take it to another level.

5. Presence

Doing one thing at a time – eating without talking to anyone, going for a walk without touching your phone, or even washing dishes having shampoo bubbles go out through your fingers. Sounds challenging, at the same time relaxing. Right ?! Where it all possibly may lead us to ? Causing an anxiety, depression or helping you even get more focused on tasks with less distraction ? Certainly, the 2nd!
Great tools to help you enjoy the present moment would be definitely regular Meditation, Yoga practise and so called Earthing.
The 12 day Vipassana Meditation is a super powerful tool to heal for even people suffering from depression and anxiety, in which the one mostly learns how to deal with their struggles.

6. Gratitude

Being grateful for basics, that you woke up this morning, you can breath, see this beautiful universe and have food for lunch. That’s what we mostly take for granted.
I have only became aware of what it is to be grateful, when for the first time 2 years ago, I started doing so called 5 Minute Journal on a daily basis and back then, on every cell of my body, I was living what gratitude truly means. It’s beautiful beyond what I can describe.
Gratefulness walk technic offered by Tony Robbins is another great way to express things you’re grateful for, which you already have and then you say things as an affirmation that you don’t have but you want to manifest in your life.
No matter how much success we achieve, if we don’t feel grateful, we have nothing. Be grateful for little things, to welcome big things into your life.

7. All’s gonna be OK – BE OPTIMISTIC

It may sound cliche, however seeing the light at the end of the tunnel always works.
When we greatly believe in whatever it is we wanna achieve in life, then literally everything – your religion, God, the whole Universe gathers together to help you achieve what you have dreamt about, thus, one day or another believing in good wins.
All dark moments I found myself in, only this thinking saved me and got me back to life: I ALWAYS knew, there’ll be a BETTER TOMORROW.

As a Psychology graduate, let me tell you the fact, from the psychological point of view, when we have a belief system of our dream to come true, and I mean REALLY believing from the bottom of your heart, human body, our brain and subconscious mind do their best to reach that goal and make it a reality.
According to Law of attraction, what you more concentrate on, it grows. No matter what you go through, hardships or challenges, do your best to always focus on some positivity of life. The more you concentrate on good, and the number of blessings will grow gradually.

Although, external factors such as your location, conditions or surroundings still have an influence on your well-being and experience of happiness, yet finding that inner peace, strength, which is also connected with self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect, and self-care and constantly working on it will make life much more easier and guide you to your path, no matter wherever you live, or what the current conditions are.

As in the inspiring Movie „The pursuit of Happiness“, Will Smith says: „You got a dream ?! You gotta protect it! You want something ? Go, get it! Period.“

AND don’t ever pay attention to haters, doupters and those saying you can’t. Break the limits, challenge yourself, go out of your comfort zone and DO what you CAN’T!




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